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Chapter Ahead Being Fake

Torche - Boris split - 2010 cover

Pressing Info

  1. 2500
    • black vinyl
    • opaque hot pink w/purple splatter vinyl
    • clear light pink vinyl
    • opaque light orange vinyl
    • opaque purple w/orange splatter vinyl

Hydra Head Records/Daymare Recordings | July 13, 2010

Torche, the burgeoning stoner/sludge/doom pop three piece hailing from Miami, and Boris, the japanese super-group known for their ability to approach and interpret any musical genre, toured North America together in the summer of 2008. During the aforementioned tour, plans to write/record a split release formed. "King Beef" was the first new material from Torche since their 2008 critically acclaimed Meanderthal release, and possesses the qualities of any track on Meanderthal combined with multiple tone clusters suggesting perhaps a movement towards a shoegaze sound. It is also the first song Torche recorded as a three piece.


Recorded and mixed by Jon Nuñez at The Dungeon in Miami, FL
Artwork on the Japanese CD by Atsuo (Fangsanalsatan)
Artwork on the USA 10" by Aaron Turner


  1. Torche - King Beef
  2. Boris - Luna