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Torche - Harmonicraft - 2012 cover

Pressing Info

  1. 5500 on clear vinyl

Volcom Entertainment | April 24, 2012

On their new and third proper full-length, Harmonicraft, TORCHE deliver a heaping helping of tasty riffs and “rip with a smile” melodic rock songs that are sure to propel them out of the underground metal scene and into the stratospheric realms of Rock N Roll demigods. - Volcom Entertainment


Recorded and Produced by Jonathan Nuñez
Mixed by Kurt Ballou
Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Santos


  1. Letting Go
  2. Kicking
  3. Walk It Off
  4. Reverse Inverted
  5. In Pieces
  6. Snakes Are Charmed
  7. Sky Trials
  8. Roaming
  9. Skin Moth
  10. Kiss Me Dudely
  11. Solitary Traveler
  12. Harmonicraft
  13. Looking On