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Torche Restarter album cover

Pressing Info

  1. 3700 on black vinyl
  2. 500 on picture disc (Relapse Mailorder Exclusive)
  3. 250 on silver vinyl (Relapse 25th Anniversary Mailorder Exclusive)
  4. 1000 on green/purple vinyl (Relapse Mailorder Exclusive)
  5. 500 on mint green vinyl (Indie Retailer Exclusive)
  6. 200 on purple vinyl (European Retailer Exclusive)
  7. 100 on orange vinyl (European Retailer Exclusive)
  8. 100 on clear vinyl

Relapse Records | February 24, 2015

Restarter is simultaneously hum-able and heavy, the perfect marriage of huge infectious melodies with downtuned, crushing sludgey rock.


Recorded and Produced by Jonathan Nuñez
Mixed by Kurt Ballou
Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Santos
Layout by Orion Landau