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Songs for Singles

Torche - Singles For Singles - 2010 cover

Pressing Info

  1. 3000
    • 100 on teal vinyl
    • 300 on pink vinyl
    • 600 on red vinyl
    • 1000 on white vinyl
    • 1000 on black vinyl

Hydra Head Records | September 21, 2010

Songs for Singles, Torche's newest addition to a six year stretch of well deserved lionization within the world of progressive metal (not the genre), is basically a super solid collection of singles (though I'm pretty sure the title actually refers to one's legal interpersonal status) written by, and therefore in, the instantly appealing songwriting style developed by the band. - Hydra Head Records


Recorded in 2009 by Jon Nuñez at The Dungeon in Miami, FL
Mixed by Jon Nuñez
Mastered by Nick Zampielo
Artwork concept by Rick Smith
Layout by Andrew Cox


  1. U.F.O.
  2. Lay Low
  3. Hideaway
  4. Arrowhead
  5. Shine On My Old Ways
  6. Cast Into Unknow
  7. Face The Wall
  8. Out Again